What Does Being an American Latina Mean?

Being an American Latina means different things to different women. Las Fabulosas talks to three mujeres about their Latina pride and how nuestra cultura enriches the American experience.

Success and Limits of a Career Professional

“When I became a U.S. citizen, it was very important for me to assimilate. Mastery of English was instrumental in my personal and professional success. In 2007, I founded Diálogo Public Relations with offices in the U.S. and Mexico to help brands have a relevant dialogue.

To me, the only limitations for entrepreneurs are in the mind. The opportunities for Americans of Hispanic descent are infinite. I have taken a special interest in nurturing the next great Latina communications professionals by creating an internship curriculum that provides students real-life experience on PR campaigns. My advice is to work harder than anyone, pay your dues, and be grateful and proud to be an American of Hispanic descent.” - Lucia Matthews, CEO of the Hispanic-focused public relations agency DIÁLOGO

Living Between Cultures

“Being an Argentine in America has its positives and negatives. Even though my life takes place in the U.S., I need to find ways to share my experiences with my loved ones back home. Fortunately, I’m able to incorporate my Argentine culture into my American life.

Professionally, I can better communicate and relate to my law firm’s Latin-American clients. Personally, I enjoy introducing my friends to things I enjoy, such as Argentine wine or a very good asado. Speaking two languages has enriched my life since I am able to reach out to more people and eventually make friends from countries around the world. Plus, having an accent is a conversation starter. Latin people are very outgoing, driven, and have an incredible sense of friendship and care for family. I believe that is the reputation that we have built in America, and that’s what makes me proud.” - María Carolina Gonzalez Diaz, Associate at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP Law Firm

Proud to Be an American Latina

“My culture makes me who I am. I emigrated to America from Argentina, but I think of my daughter as an American Latina even though she was born across from Central Park in New York City. I try to teach my Argentine values and traditions to my children and would love to see them embrace the culture.

The Latin culture is very rich because it is made up of capable, creative and strong people working very hard to achieve their dreams. Whether in science, the food industry, the arts or linguistics, the Latin contribution to America is expanding with strength.” - Luciana “Uchi” Davidzon, an award-winning chef and blogger at Latin Food Lovers

by Lauren Fischer