Pre- and Post-Workout Food for Maximum Results

When it comes to ejercicio, las comidas you eat before and after a workout can maximize the results of your exercise routine. Coach Yarixa Ferrao, a certified personal trainer who has appeared on MTV’s I Used to Be Fat, tells Las Fabulosas how to get the best workout results from your food.

Your Morning Workout

Pre-Workout Food: Consuming protein before workouts has many benefits. “Amino acids, which make up protein, repair and recover muscle for muscle gain. And muscle gain means burning fat,” says Ferrao. Protein will also help keep you full for longer while burning more fat and increasing lean body mass. For faster fat loss, Ferrao recommends starting with a cup of green tea or an organic, grass-fed whey protein shake, 10-30 minutes prior to working out.

Post-Workout Food: For a filling morning protein kick, consume one or two hardboiled eggs or eggs over easy. If your body is craving more, a fuller breakfast can also include healthy oatmeal and fruit. “Body awareness is key, so go with what it craves,” says Ferrao.

Your Afternoon Workout

Pre-Workout Food: Performance-wise, your body will usually work best with a quick energy-boosting carbohydrate such as rice, a muscle-building protein such as chicken, and a little fat like coconut oil or an avocado slice two hours prior to a workout, says Ferrao.

Other combination meals include a protein shake with a can of wild tuna and garlic spread; asparagus wrapped with ham slices; and corn or rice cakes with almond butter or ham slices.

Post-Workout Food: “You don’t need to eat the minute you stop working out,” says Ferrao. “Wait until your body signals hunger and is ready to receive nutrients.” After your workout, Ferrao recommends another protein shake combined with almond milk or coconut water. You can also add some berries or almond butter for a more filling drink. “For weight loss and to drop body fat while gaining lean muscle, eat foods that energize you during the day without depleting or taking away energy at night, at least two hours prior to bed time,” says Ferrao. This can include a protein, veggie and a carbohydrate such as rice or potatoes. “This allows the body to be hormonally balanced and in sync with your daily activities.”

by Lauren Fischer